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3 Reasons For Commercial Slashing

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When it comes to maintaining commercial acreage or development sites, there are many reasons for why you should make sure to maintain your property with commercial slashing. Of course, every project is different and has individual requirements and deliverables, but we’ve compiled three reasons as to why slashing is a benefit for every project.

These include:

Reducing risk of bushfires

Especially here in Queensland, we can be quite at risk of bushfires during the summer months. Using a commercial service to slash the property – no matter the size or awkward angles, cutting down on the amount of dry grass there is to potentially catch fire.

As well as that, making sure grass is slashed will ensure that if a fire does catch, it doesn’t spread. Slashing is a great preventative measure that can help bushfires burn themselves out.

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Managing weeds and grass

Similarly to above, slashing large properties will help keep weeds and grass at bay. This is not only great for fire season, like the slashing specifically for fire breaks and bushfire risk management, but also beneficial to keeping invasive weeds at bay.

There may also be some benefits seen by those who experience hayfever and other seasonal allergies, as slashing on a large scale can reduce the amount of grass fibers sent into the air. While this is not the sole reason for slashing your commercial block, it is a nice bonus for those who are working in close proximity.

  1. Clearing properties for new developments

With all new developments, there needs to be clear space to lay the foundation for the new construction that will be undertaken. If the perfect lot has been sitting for a while, then it stands to reason that potentially the grass and weeds have overrun the space.

In these cases – as well as during the construction process – it can be beneficial to have a commercial environmental specialist come out and slash the several acres or hectares of your development to not only keep a good base for construction, but also to ensure the property looks its best for potential investors.

Why Choose Total Environmental Concepts For Your Slashing Job?

Total Environmental Concepts has years of experience in commercial and industrial slashing throughout Queensland. Our goal is to ensure safe environmental practices on all commercial, industrial and developmental projects. We have several industrial slashing machines that will allow us to take on slashing projects of any size with ease and while still being mindful of workplace health and safety.

Get in touch with slashing contractors Brisbane today to begin discussing your project, or download our capability statement today.

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