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Acreage Mowing Brisbane

acerage mowing brisbane

Managing large-scale mowing on a property can be a time consuming, costly and sometimes a dangerous job when you’re trying to do it yourself.

Typically, acreage property can take hours to mow, clean up and manage issues like weeds and ground pests. Hiring a professional to do this type of work can save you hours, money and give you the confidence that the property is well maintained for the future.

This post will cover the types of acreage mowing we do and how professional services like these can save you time, money and help manage your property type.

Properties We Service

Our team of professionals servicing a range of property types including:

  • New estates.
  • Council properties.
  • Sporting grounds.
  • Commercial properties.
  • New property developments.

In addition to the lawn or grassed areas, other considerations need to be managed depending on the type of the property and its layout.

Often, these properties have hard to reach areas, steep slopes and areas that field vegetative matter. This will require the use of specialised equipment and treatment of weeds as part of the management procedures.

How often should a property be mowed?

Across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the grass types we generally encounter are Couch, Buffalo Grass and Zoysia. During the warmer months, these grasses require mowing every 2 weeks and approximately once a month during colder months.

If the property has been subjected to a high amount of rain, this will also need to be managed depending on the level of grass growth.

Regular lawn mowing services also become part of an effective weed control strategy and can also help manage lantana removal where this is a problem.

If more than the top 30-50% of the grass is removed per mow, it is far easier for weeds to establish themselves on the property. Lawns are also prone to diseases and drought effects when insufficient lawn care practices are used. Your professional will advise on how to schedule and maintain these practices effectively throughout the year.

Types of Services Offered

We can provide the following types of acreage mowing:  

  • Grounds Maintenance.
  • Slashing and Land Clearing.
  • Commercial Mowing.
  • Acreage Mowing and Weed Spraying.

Types of equipment used

At Total Environmental Concepts, we use a range of heavy machinery to complete acreage mowing work. Theses include:

  • Tracked Bobcat.
  • 4WD tractor with a flail mower.
  • 4WD Front 6ft deck mower
  • Commercial zero turn mower
  • Commercial whipper snippers
  • Forestry mulcher attachments
  • 5.5 tonne excavator with a 900mm specialized mulching slasher attachment 

These machines and tools are specifically designed for acreage mowing and used correctly, deliver a professional result that is repeatable over time.

How to arrange and schedule acreage mowing services

To book our acreage mowing and land clearing services, simply contact us to discuss the size of your property or commercial space. We can then provide you with a formal quote for the job including cost, duration to complete and advice on the ongoing management of the site.

Contact us on 1300 135 743 or complete our booking form here.

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