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slashing contractors Brisbane

Total Environmental Concepts provides a range of skilled mowing and maintenance services for a range of industries across Queensland, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. We work across local government assets, sporting grounds and commercial properties.

For this project, the client wanted to eliminate the hassle of maintaining large-scale properties. Our team was able to utilise heavy-duty commercial equipment in order to effectively slash the overgrown grass in these areas.

As slashing is the cutting and removal of grass on large properties. Our team uses heavy-duty equipment to complete this work, ensuring an even, professional result. No matter the property – whether there are hundreds of acres, sloped grounds, or other considerations, we can complete the job to a professional standard.

Effective slashing of these large blocks require the use of specialist, heavy duty equipment, otherwise they won’t be able to handle the terrain, which will be a detriment to your project.

slashing contractors Brisbane

Our slashing equipment includes:

  • Two tracked Bobcat Skid Steers with a stick.
  • Two specialised mulching slasher attachments.
  • One 4WD tractor with flail rear side.
  • One shift slasher (flail mower) with a stick rake attached at the front.
  • One 4WD front 6ft Deck Mower and commercial whipper snippers.

In addition to this, we can offer a 5.5 tonne excavator with a 900mm specialised mulching slasher attachment and flail mower attachment that allows our operators to use their expertise to clear vegetation on steep slopes, creek banks, drainage areas, and other potentially difficult terrain. As well as allowing us to access steep and difficult areas, this specialised equipment, allows us to work on sites during inclement weather and offer unparalleled efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

Regular slashing and maintenance, when done right, not only keeps grass healthy but it also functions as an effective weed control strategy, and can limit drought stress and disease in large properties. We make sure to complete all slashing jobs in environmentally friendly ways, so as not to disturb any local native wildlife. This also allows us to ensure any weeds or pests that may be present. In addition, once slashed, we can manage erosion control on fence lines and the firebreak.

Why Choose Total Environmental Concepts For Your Slashing Job?

Our team are experts in slashing and land maintenance. With years of experience, we can ensure your property is cleared easily and efficiently.

For more information or to receive our capability statement, please get in touch with the team at Total Environmental Concepts about your Tree relocation project.

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