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If you own a large property, commercial space or council land, you’ll know that it requires regular maintenance and mowing.

Weed control forms part of this process to avoid long term issues on the grounds. Noxious weeds can quickly grow if left unattended and over grow the property, causing damage to the site. This of course will require a significant amount of work to remove.

We can provide services for farms, commercial properties, council grounds, sporting fields and new developments.

Some councils consider weed control as part of a biosecurity plan for the local area in some regions such as far north Queensland.

Weed removal processes

After inspecting the property area, we can apply different techniques to remove and control any weeds found.


Using herbicide sprays is an effective way to stop weed growth. These products are specifically designed to kill weeds and stop them re-establishing from the root system. We are careful to not harm the environment when we apply these products. We have a range of equipment to spray areas in a variety of situations.


In combination with spraying, we will use slashing to remove and control weeds. Slashing affected areas will reduce some types of weeds from spreading further.

We have a range of specialised equipment for slashing different types of areas including difficult terrain, steep slopes and creek areas.

These processes should be done on a regular basis to control weed growth and removal from a property. Removing weeds and keeping the length of grasses at a minimum height will also help control pest activity such as rodents (rats and mice) around a property and homes.

In addition, removing weeds will help the regeneration of native plants and reduce the impact on wildlife as weeds can be harmful to Australian wildlife.

Slashing also forms part of a fire management plan. Controlling grasses around homes and structures is an important step leading into the summer months and the fire season in Australia. We can also assist with fire breaks and fire trials on properties to further protect homes and buildings and provide access for fire crews as required.

Lantana Removal

Lantana is often found in South East QLD on properties and in the hinterland areas. The seeds are spread by people and fruit eating birds. This weed smothers native plants and causes significant damage to the environment and some animals.

Farm properties often have this weed present and it’s important to remove it to protect horses and livestock.

Our team is fully qualified with the right equipment to effectively remove this weed from properties and help rehabilitate the land including flail mowers to slash acreage properties.

Types of weeds

There are a number of weed species we encounter in SEQ, these include:

  • Lantana.
  • Broadleaf weeds.
  • Cactus.
  • Creepers.
  • Grass.
  • Woody Weeds.

Lawn grubs are also a problem pest we can remove.

Arrange commercial weed control

If you’re concerned about weed growth and require Commercial Weed Control in Brisbane at a property, contact us today to arrange a quote and inspection.

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