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Firebreaks and Slashing

Fire Management Plan 2020-21


Despite the current extreme wet weather, the Australian summer will come about. As we’ve seen in the past year, severe bushfires have decimated large areas of the country, causing significant damage to bushland, homes and lives.

Now is the time to assess your current fire management plan into the new year and be prepared for the warmer weather.

If you own an acreage property, manage a commercial acreage property or bushland access in Queensland, we can assist with your fire management plan. This includes protection measures to reduce the risk of fire near property and across vegetation areas.


We can create a fire break for properties to help protect homes and property on a site and slow or stop a fire from progressing closer.

This includes slashing grasses and removing vegetation that can fuel a fire from the selected area. This practice creates an area that has no combustible vegetation that can burn and acts as a barrier to property.

Housing estates near bushland will require a firebreak to protect homes in the area. In addition, you can prepare your home to reduce the chance of fire damage by:

  • Remove debris and leaves from gutters and the roof.
  • Install wire screens to doors and windows.
  • Maintain pumps and tank water levels.
  • Reduce and remove vegetation around the home area.
  • Remove stored wood, LPG gas bottles away from the home.
  • Ensure the property has access that measures four (4) meters wide by four (4) high for emergency services vehicles to access.

Acreage Mowing

Large scale acreage properties will require regular mowing, slashing and vegetation management to keep the area under control.

Our services use specialised machinery to slash large areas and cut grasses to a manageable length. We can remove tree stumps, branches from an area and kill weeds that can cause an issue with surrounding vegetation.

Fire Trails

Fire trails are access roads that provide fire fighting teams access to remote areas of bushland and properties. These roads are critical in firefighting and must be maintained or built as part of a fire management plan.

We can construct new trails and maintain existing trails across south east Queensland and northern NSW. All work is completed to fire fighting authority specifications in terms of trail sizes, drainage and vegetation near to the trails.

Exit Plan

If you live in an area that can be subject to bushfires, it’s important to have an exit plan if you need to leave the area.

If Police or fire crews direct you to leave the area if the danger is extreme, it’s important you are prepared:

  • Make sure you have protective clothing to wear outside.
  • Ensure the first aid kit is fully stocked for use.
  • Make sure your home, vehicles and property are fully insured at the right amounts.
  • Follow directions by authorities to a safe place.

Arrange A Quote For A Fire Management Plan

To arrange an inspection and quote for a fire management plan maintenance service, contact our expert team today.

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