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Fire Trail Construction


Fire Trail Construction

With the Australian fire season not too far away in 2020, now is the time to prepare. If you’re a homeowner close to bushland, it’s important to ensure your property is well maintained, a fire break is in place and you have an exit strategy if you have to leave the area.

Constructing Fire Trails

Fire Trail Construction is also a top priority as part of our preparation efforts. These trails are built for the purpose of allowing firefighters to access affected areas in remote locations, national parks and large properties.

Fire teams use large vehicles to access the areas and create containment lines to fight fires and protect communities. These trials are designed to meet height clearances, gradient and drainage specifications across a wide network.

A poorly designed trail that is not maintained will not allow access to fire hot spots and place people and communities in danger and causes environmental damage.

There are a number of considerations that must be in place when constructing a fire trail. These include:

  • Type and volume of vehicles to use the trail.
  • Soil erosion hazards along the trail.
  • Type and number of drainage line crossings.
  • Topographic constraints, slopes, rock outcrops.
  • Potential mass movement areas.
  • Local vegetation types, density.
  • Feasibility – alternatives to the local construction site.

Drainage is an important aspect of these trails. High levels of rain can damage a trial and make it inaccessible. Table drains, cross banks, mitre, spoon drains are some of the different methods used in constructing a fire trail.

If the fire trail has to go across a swamp area, the use of rock and plastic geo mesh is employed to create a stable road surface.

The shape of the trail is also a consideration to work with the drainage system. There are a number of different types used including crowned, infall, outfall and incised or box cut trails.

Fire Trail Maintenance

Maintaining existing fire trials is also of high importance in preparing for the fire season. Overtime, weather events can impact upon the trail with rains and winds. Trees may also have fallen in bushland, blocking the road.

Our team has the expertise to fully maintain fire trials and meet engineering standards and requirements of local fire authorities.

Bush Fire Management Plan

In addition to fire trail construction and maintenance, it’s important to develop a fire management plan.

If you own a rural property or manage commercial bushland areas, national parks, you will know the importance of a regularly scheduled fire management plan.

We can assist in the development of fire breaks, mowing, slashing, removing dead trees, clearing access roads. In addition to this, you should clean out all gutters on a building, move dangerous goods – fuel away from the home, fill water tanks and have good hoses.

Sadly, many fires are deliberately lit by arsonists during the fire season period. This act can cause significant and widespread damage to bushlands and homes across the nation.

If you see someone lighting a fire, contact the Police and Fire authorities immediately.

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