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Vegetation Management and Erosion Control

Firebreaks and Slashing

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If you own a property or manage a commercial property, we can provide firebreak and slashing services to help manage the property and protect surrounding structures.

This is an important service that is often scheduled throughout the year to ensure properties and are well maintained and safe.

In Australia, it is vital that rural properties near to bushland be slashed and a firebreak built annually. As witnessed in previous years, the country can quickly become susceptible to bushfires, destroying acres of scrub and destroying homes, businesses.


Firebreaks are designed to protect homes and property from bushfires and allow firecrews access to an affected area.

Essentially, it is a gap in the vegetation to slow or stop bushfires burning the area. This will include slashing and removing grasses, removal of some trees, stumps and other types of combustible vegetation.

This service can be scheduled to maintain the previous years firebreak and manage changes to the area’s vegetation.


Slashing is the cutting and removal of grasses on large properties. Heavy professional equipment is required to complete this type of work. Grounds can be sloped and include hundreds of acres to be slashed.

This service is conducted in an environmentally friendly manner to not disturb local wildlife and control weeds and pests that may be present. In addition, once slashed, we can manage erosion control on fence lines and the firebreak.

Weed Control

Weed control helps manage the growth of noxious weeds on a property. Some species of weeds like lantana can cause significant issues to vegetation and animals.

As mentioned, slashing can be used to control weeds. Regular slashing will keep weeds under control. In addition, invasive weeds will be controlled and removed using herbicides that chemically remove the weeds. This is done in a careful manner to not affect wildlife and native vegetation. This process also promotes revegetation and new growth of native plants and grasses.

These services will collectively clear a property, help regenerate native growth and protect homes and businesses. This will also provide a safe haven for properties that have horses and livestock present.

Council grounds can also be managed using these services to ensure they are safe to use and free of dangerous creatures such as snakes.

Property developers can also employ our services to ensure grounds are tidy for sale and meet OH&S requirements on site.

We have a range of heavy machinery to cover these services including:

  • Two tracked Bobcat Skid Steers with a stick.
  • Two specialised mulching slasher attachments.
  • One 4WD tractor with flail rear side.
  • One shift slasher (flail mower) with a stick rake attached at the front.
  • One 4WD front 6ft Deck Mower and commercial whipper snippers.

These machines are operated by our highly qualified and licensed team to complete all elements of these services.

We also have a 5.5 tonne excavator with a 900mm specialised mulching slasher attachment and flail mower attachment that can, combined with our experienced operators, clear vegetative matter on steep slopes, creek banks, and drainage areas.

This specialised equipment allows us to access steep and difficult areas, work on sites during inclement weather and offer unparalleled efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

Arrange Firebreaks and Slashing

If you need to arrange any of these services for your property, contact our team today.

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