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Forestry mulching is an environmentally friendly way of clearing and restoring land. This work requires the use of one machine to cut, grind and clear the vegetation.

This method reduces soil erosion and eliminates drainage issues on a property. It’s also important to protect native vegetation and allow these plants and shrubs to continue to thrive on a property. This service leaves a layer of fine mulch that helps the environment to be sustainable over time.

Recently, we completed a job at Gleneagle for the Scenic Rim Council. We employed the use of an excavator and a bobcat to complete the work. As you can see in the images below, there was an excessive amount of grasses and trees that needed to be managed on the site.

forestry mulching excavator
forestry mulching bobcast

Benefits of Forestry Mulching

There are a number of benefits in using this service, they include:

  • Low impact to the environment – only waste is removed, native vegetation is kept in place, mulch helps growth, avoids soil erosion.
  • The use of one machine to complete the job, avoids having multiple machines on site damaging the property.
  • Dedicated machine types and fittings are used to properly remove unwanted vegetation, tree stumps and noxious weeds.

Older styles of forestry mulching including knocking trees down and burning are no longer used as it deeply impacts the environment.

When a forestry mulcher is used, land can be cleared far more carefully and selectively. Specific areas, or even small areas and small plants can be chosen to be cleared or not. The selected areas are mulched on site and help to preserve parts of the landscape.

When you use forestry mulching, you can combat the risk of erosion. Specialised equipment allows our expert forestry mulching contractors to clear your land while also leaving behind a top layer of mulch in the cleared areas, keeping your soil in place.

Where Forestry Mulching is used

Forestry Mulching is used to manage a number of different types of properties including rural land, commercial land spaces, council grounds, motorways and wetlands.

This service is designed to effectively clear these spaces and in some instances, create fire breaks in preparation for the fire season. The machines used are able to operate on steep slopes and within tight areas on the property.

If a property suffers from a large amount of noxious weeds, forestry mulching can effectively remove this unwanted vegetation and provide new healthy growth.

In addition to the immediate and short-term benefits of forestry mulching, there are many long-term benefits that can improve the soil as well.

The mulch that’s left behind offers essential nutrients which can help improve soil. Mulch is a widely used substance for many applications, from gardening to agriculture. Nutrients found in mulch not only nourish the soil on your land, but they also enrich it to keep the land healthy.

Trees and plants also enjoy the benefits of mulch, allowing them to grow more efficiently, remain healthy and prevent problems such as mould.


Firebreaks are an important part of a fire management plan and should be completed annually. This involves slashing and the removal of fuels that can feed a fire. In Australia, many property owners will undertake this service to protect their property and home. Bushfires can quickly spread uncontrolled and cause devastating after effects and loss.

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