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Land clearing in Brisbane requires professional experience and the right equipment to get the job done based on the size of the job and obstacles that may be present.

This typically includes tree removal, stump grinding, vegetation removal and weed control. Any other debris that may be present is also removed from the site.

This service may be required when building works are planned, land maintenance and fire management is required.

At Total Environmental Concepts, our services include a wide range of vegetation management activities:

  • Environmental land clearing
  • Commercial land clearing
  • Forestry mulching
  • Pasture reclamation
  • Reversion 
  • Vegetation management
  • Regrowth clearing
  • Fence line clearing
  • Forestry harvest clean up

Our extensive land clearing experience includes both civil and council works, residential and commercial projects. We have also worked on mine sites, roadwork and rail construction sites as well as many other situations.

Types of land clearing

Acreage Clearing

If you own or manage acreage property and need to clear the land, we can help. This includes slashing grasses areas, tree, stump removal, debris removal and fire management. This is done in a way that protects the local environment and wildlife habitats.

Roadside and Rail Clearing

We can assist local councils and the QLD Department of Main Roads in clearing vegetation along roads, highways and rail lines. This controls plant and grass growth for vehicle access and safety in these areas.

Firebreak Clearing

We can provide fire management services to create or clear a firebreak for councils and property owners across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This is a critical step in your management plan to reduce fuel and create a barrier to property.

Creek Clearing

Creek rehabilitation is an important environmental practice to manage creeks and the surrounding banks. 

Track and Fire Trail Clearing

We can help manage fire trails, walking and bike tracks in line with Australian National Park Standard Codes (AS 2156-200). 

We have assisted councils and government in completing this type of work in the past. In addition, we can assist with the creation of Koala corridors in these areas.

Property and Site Clearing

We use environmentally friendly clearing services for properties and commercial sites. This may include general clearing fence line vegetation clearing and construction site clearing.

Easement and Boundary Line Clearing

We can control erosion, eradicate weeds and other pest plants from these areas. Our specialised equipment is designed to effectively clear these areas of these items to help manage the locations.

Land Clearing Care

As mentioned, our land clearing services are professionally managed and meet environmental standards. All work is thoroughly assessed and planned before commencement to ensure this happens.

Failure to do so can affect the land area and local wildlife populations. We take pride in making sure all of our work does so and assists in promoting new growth and wildlife activity.

Do I need a permit for land clearing?

If land clearing requires tree removal, you may require a permit from your local council. The council will assess if the tree/s are protected by a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO). We can assist in arranging a permit prior to the work starts. For more information, visit the council links below:

Local Councils

Arrange a Land Clearing Service

If you need land clearing done for your property or commercial space, contact us today to arrange a free quote.

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