Tree Relocation Brisbane & Gold Coast

At Total Environmental Concepts, we specialise in relocating Australian native plants, trees, palms and ornamental trees of all shapes and sizes for commercial projects.

This service is only available for large commercial works and NOT for residential homes.

Tree relocation is an intricate process though our team is both highly skilled and has access to equipment that makes this a much easier task. With over 38 years experience and access to a tree spade Bobcat attachment, among other state of the art equipment, you can rely on us for all your commercial tree relocation needs across Brisbane, Gold Coast & Northern NSW.

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Work With Our Commercial Tree Relocation Experts

When it comes to ensuring smooth and safe operations on your commercial projects, you need peace of mind and a team you can rely on. As a commercial service provider, we understand this above all else.

That’s why we offer unparalleled services. We’re highly skilled in the intricate process of transplanting trees of all ages and sizes. With over 38 years of experience backing us, you can rest assured knowing we can handle any job, no matter how big or small.

Our clients love working with us as we offer expert consulting on suitability, transplant methods, tree health and also offering our knowledge and selection of equipment throughout this process.

Over the years, we’ve successfully transplanted a variety of trees for council & local government projects across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern NSW and abroad. Our services have also enabled endangered native plants to be salvaged, re-established and replanted.

If you have mature trees present on council land that need to be cleared or relocated, speak with our team today.

Not only are we fully certified and trained, we use state of the art equipment that’s hard to come by in our areas. To read more about how we can help, our safety standards and OH&S procedures, download our Capability Statement.

We are often engaged by developers to dig and re-establish large feature and ornamental trees for replanting in their developments.

Our services have a very high record of success and are backed by over 38 years of experience. Adding our use of the Bobcat tree spade attachment to the equation, we offer a service that’s hard to beat.

We also specialize in the relocation of large Australian native trees, such as Livistona Palms, which can be more cost effective than buying feature plants from elsewhere.

If the block of land you’re developing on has established trees in areas you wish to build, our tree relocation services are an environmentally responsible and cost effective alternative to cutting down the trees. Contact us today to see how we can assist your development projects.

Our clients love working with us as we offer expert consulting on suitability, transplant methods, tree health and also offering our knowledge and selection of equipment throughout this process.

Large landscape companies often engage us to dig and re-establish feature and ornamental trees for projects they are working on. We have a very high record of success.

We also focus on salvaging endangered native plants and large trees. Through the use of our state of the art equipment, we can help re-establish and replant trees and feature plants, making a project more environmentally responsible and cost effective.

Your projects can also benefit from the added bonus of plants that are native to the area and are able to flourish within their own environment.

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We specialize in relocating the following:

  • Xanthorrhoea johnsonii (Grass Tree)
  • Xanthorrhoea glauca (Grass Tree)
  • Brachychiton rupestris (QLD Bottle Tree)
  • Palms
  • Livistona Palms
  • Feature ornamental trees
  • Cycads

Our range of tree relocation equipment

We have a large range of state of the art equipment we rely on to deliver a quality of service. Our tree spade Bobcat attachment, in particular, allows us to deliver a time and cost effective tree transplanting service.

This attachment is 44 inches and allows us to efficiently relocate trees with trunk caliper up to 90mm. The efficiency of the tree spade’s design also allows us to work with trees that are planted closely together.

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Need our Gold Coast & Brisbane tree relocation services?

We offer our clients tailored solutions for the management of sensitive natural areas, open spaces and facilities including tree relocation services. Contact us if you have a commercial project we can assist with across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Northern NSW.

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