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Vegetation Management and Erosion Control

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Managing large scale properties for vegetation management and erosion control can be a large task. It requires knowledge and the use of specialised equipment to manage vegetation and control erosion for conservation purposes.

The team from Total Environmental Concepts is highly trained and experienced in these services and can formulate a management plan for residential, commercial, council lands in line with QLD Government requirements.

What is Vegetation Management?

Vegetation management involves clearing land to reduce and maintain environmental impacts including erosion and effects on water quality. All works are completed within Government guidelines and ecological restoration standards.

The clearing will include mowing, the removal of noxious weeds, controlling unwanted pests to help protect the area and nearby properties. This will also assist in the managing the fire plan for an area and reducing fuel.

The process includes:

Site Assessment – inspect the area to identify the requirements of the work.

Establish legislative and policy requirements with Government authorities.

Outline objectives of the VMP – any issues present and management of wildlife and native vegetation.

Action plan – work action plan, documented and approved before commencement of works.

What is Erosion?

Erosion is the geological process where earth materials are worn away and transported by natural forces such as wind or water.

Erosion and sedimentation control is an important part of managing an area for environmental projects. Managing erosion will help protect areas, waterways and other surrounding elements. Water runoff caused by broken land, high levels of storm rains can deeply impact an area.

The Queensland Government has been assisting in the management of erosion since the 1950s with great success. This covers three (3) main principles:

  • use land according to its capability.
  • protect the soil surface with some form of cover.
  • control runoff before it develops into an erosive force.

Our team can construct and set up the following erosion control measures:

  • Rock lined swale drains.
  • Jute mesh batters.
  • Whoa-boys – water bars.
  • Culverts.
  • Coir logs.
  • Bioretention basins.
  • Rock filter dams.
  • Spillways.
  • Rock retaining walls.
  • Batter stabilisation
  • Gabion baskets.

Why Do Vegetation Management?

A vegetation management plan (VMP) is required when developing land or undertaking work near to a drainage line. The plan will detail specifics across what work will be done, how the work will be done and how native vegetation and wildlife will be protected in the area.

Ecological Restoration may also form part of the VMP in managing fauna and the habitat. Clearing of noxious plants, ivy, thorn-covered weeds and pests, rodents, some birds, is an important part of the overall plan. This will ensure the area is sustainable and will promote new growth and breeding of local plants and animals. As mentioned, it can also form part of the fire management plan for an area in removing overgrown vegetation, dead vegetation and other matter that acts as fuel for a fire.

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