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When looking to get commercial or acreage clearing Brisbane there are several steps that must be considered to ensure that the land is created efficiently and properly with the best result. 

At Total Environmental Concepts, doing the job properly is our priority, and our specialised equipment ensures that we can clear a range of different terrains without risk to public safety. Whether you need environmental land clearing, commercial land clearing, pasture reclamation, reversion, vegetation management, regrowth clearing, fence line clearing or even forestry harvest clean up, we can help.

Typically when clearing land, there are two stages – clearing and grading, as needed. So what do they involve?

Initial Clearing.

This is the first, and typically the lengthiest step. The initial clearing of the land ensures that everything is gone, much as the name would suggest. This includes any structures or signs, and removing trees and stumps.

While our services can’t facilitate removing structures, we have a range of machines that make removing trees and stumps easy, such as forestry mulchers. We then have a range of mowers and other equipment to remove any remaining vegetation from the land. Our flail mowers in particular meet world ISO standards for non-thrown objects, making them perfect for any public area clearing and a preferred option for many council projects. 

We provide ourselves on an environmentally-friendly approach, meaning that we don’t use outdated slash and burn methods. We prefer to use methods such as mulching to ensure as much can be reused in the environment as possible.

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This step is not applicable to all land clearing projects, but can still be a step that some miss. Grading is the process of filling in any holes (left from processes like stump grinding) to ensure that the land is flat if it’s going to be built on or if it will be used regularly, such as public access or pasture reclamation projects..

In cases like easements or steep inclines that aren’t being rebuilt, this step may be overlooked, however anywhere that will be public access or built up this step is crucial. At Total Environmental Concepts, we are able to complete this step as part of our larger land clearing projects.

So Why Trust Total Environmental Concepts For Land Clearing?

Total Environmental concepts is a trusted name in environmental services, having worked with councils, commercial companies, and more on land clearing jobs. We provide our services across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and even out to Ipswich and Caboolture.

Not only that, we’re committed to occupational health and safety, often exceeding expectations in this area. All of our land clearing equipment comes with specialised SWMS and engineer crafted cab protections to ensure our operators are as safe as possible, and our mowers and mulchers have specialised attachments that are industry-rated for working in areas with steep terrain or loose objects such as rocks – meaning they’re as safe as possible.

For more information or to receive our capability statement, please get in touch with the team at Total Environmental Concepts about your land clearing project.

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