Commercial Land Clearing Brisbane

No matter your land clearing needs, our team has got the skills, experience and specialized equipment to help!

At Total Environmental Concepts, we have a fleet of highly specialized equipment that can be used to complete a wide range of clearing services, even on steep or difficult terrain. Given our commitment to safety and exceeding our OH&S obligations, our land clearing equipment also comes with specialized SWMS and engineer certified cab protections for our operators.

We can complete small to medium-sized commercial and residential jobs. Contact us for more information and our capabilities statement.

If you’re looking for a trusted team to help with any type of land clearing services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Caboolture or surrounds, get in touch today!

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Our Clearing Services

Roadside & Rail
Firebreak Clearing
Creek Clearing
Track & Trail
Property & Site Clearing
Easement & Boundary Line

Land Clearing Services

At Total Environmental Concepts, our key work includes a wide range of vegetation management activities. These include:

  • Environmental land clearing
  • Commercial land clearing
  • Forestry mulching
  • Pasture reclamation
  • Reversion
  • Vegetation management
  • Regrowth clearing
  • Fence line clearing
  • Forestry harvest clean up
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Our extensive land clearing experience includes both civil and council works, residential and commercial projects. We have also worked on mine sites, roadwork and rail construction sites as well as many other situations.

The diversity of our experience and the specialized equipment we own and operate means we can assist on a great deal of projects, more than other operators in our area can.

We use both flail mower and forestry mulching attachments to assist on land clearing projects. As such, we can work in areas where public safety is a concern just as much as we can address areas with difficult access or steep terrain.

Acreage Clearing

If you own an acreage property and are looking to clear some areas on your land, our team can help!

We can clear large areas on your property professionally. If you need a blank slate to work with, we have the tools and equipment you need to do with your land as you wish.

Unlike other providers in our area, we own specialised equipment that allows us to clear areas on your property that may be difficult to access, on steep slopes or that may need to be cleared with precision.

We don’t use old ‘slash and burn’ methods. Rather, our approach is environmentally friendly and allows you to clear your land while also allowing your property to flourish afterwards.

Some of the equipment we own includes excavators, bobcat machines and tractors with accompanying attachments such as flail mower attachments and forestry mulcher attachments. Check out our full range of equipment for more details.

All in all, no matter your acreage clearing needs in Brisbane, Gold Coast or surrounds, we have you covered!

Roadside & Rail Clearing

The management of roadside vegetation is one area we specialise in and where our experience shines. Our team have worked on a number of projects involving clearing vegetation along roads or rail lines for councils, the Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads and other government authorities.

With access to flail mowing attachments suitable for our bobcats, tractors and excavators, we can complete a wide array of services that are safe in public areas. Our flail mulching mowers meet world ISO standards for non-thrown objects and are a preferred option on any council projects.

We also have access to forestry mulching attachments which have specialized SWMS for working on steep terrain. These may be suitable for any rail clearing projects or projects requiring clearing of weedy trees.

Should your project require specialized SWMS, our OH&S team can develop a site specific SWMS to meet your requirements.

Get in touch today!

Firebreak Clearing

If you need a firebreak constructed or cleared, our team can help. We perform regular clearing and slashing services for councils, developers, property owners and more.

The benefits of using our team for your firebreak clearing needs are many. We not only have over 38 years of experience, we also own and operate a fleet of state of the art equipment. Given our extensive work with council and government authorities, we make safety our number one priority.

With our team by your side, you can enjoy the benefits of firebreak clearing on any property:

  • Prevent fire hazards
  • Create fuel reduction areas
  • Clean up of dense, heavy grass
  • Weedy tree removal
  • Slashing services on acreage allotments
  • Maintain firebreaks for parks

Ask about our wide range of equipment that can be used for firebreak clearing on any property, even if there are areas with difficult access or steep slopes!

Creek Clearing

As part of a wider array of creek rehabilitation services, we offer creek clearing on a number of environmental projects.

Our specialized equipment is suited to working on steep slopes and difficult or wet terrain. Few others in our area have access to the specialized equipment that we have.

Given safety is our biggest priority, we have also equipped some of our specialized attachments with specific SWMS for working on steep sloped areas and creek beds.

Read on for other information on how we can help with any creek rehabilitation projects or contact us to find out more about our range of experience and services.

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Weedy Tree Removal

If you need a large amount of weedy trees removed from a creek bank or steep sloped area near a creek, our team can help.

We own and operate forestry mulching equipment which can be fitted to an excavator or tracked bobcat machines. These machines are a great asset on a project requiring safe and efficient weedy tree removal near creeks or on creek banks.

Erosion Control

Given that erosion is a major problem following certain types of clearing practices, this may be a concern on your project if you require creek bank clearing.

Our equipment and methodology allows us to clear a creek bank without creating erosion control problems. In fact, through the use of our forestry mulching equipment, we can help prevent erosion control and keep soil healthy and compact by mulching any cleared areas.

Track & Trail Clearing

At Total Environmental Concepts, we offer track and trail construction services that meet Australian National Park standard codes (AS 2156-2001). We have worked on projects contracted by council and government authorities managing Queensland’s parks and wildlife in the creation of koala corridors and other such projects.


We also clear land for the creation of tracks for commercial developments and residential properties. Whether it be for BMX and bike tracks, walking tracks, firebreaks or vehicle access roads, we have the skills and equipment to help.


Get in touch if your project requires experts who can clear land in preparation for a track or trail to be created. Feel free to also enquire about our experience creating such tracks in the past.

Property & Site Clearing

For general property clearing services, whether it be an acreage, a construction site, a commercial development or an environmental rehabilitation project, we can help.


We use eco-friendly clearing methods that involve our highly specialised equipment. Our flail mower allows for safe clearing in public areas and for anyone also seeking to improve pasture on their land.


Our forestry mulcher takes things up a notch and allows for environmentally friendly site clearing on a larger scale. If you’re looking for clearing areas with greater precision, we can accommodate that too, allowing you to clear around small plants and areas to preserve the landscape and prevent erosion.

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Fence Clearing

If you need a hand with clearing vegetation along fence lines, our team is just a phone call away!

Fence clearing is one of our specialties. No matter if your fence line is on a slope, in a difficult to access area or if clearing it requires specialized mulching equipment that can clear anything from brush to shrubs to small weedy trees. Chat with our team today, we can handle it all!

survey line clearing brisbane

Survey Line Clearing

We understand that when it comes to proper surveying, a clear view is necessary. Let our team clear any brush, shrubs on trees on the site so you can get a clear survey line.

Save yourself and the construction company time by using our team to clear survey lines in advance. We use equipment that is small enough to access overgrown areas though heavy duty enough to mulch all the undergrowth preventing you from getting a clear line.

site construction clearing

Construction Site Clearing

Need to prepare a site for construction? Call on our team to help with removing any unwanted or stubborn vegetation or to clear surface soil.

With our specialized equipment on hand, we can slash through weeds and brush, mulch small weedy trees and even relocate large trees that may be in the way.

You can rely on us to help you get to work on your construction project faster and more reliably. Not to mention that we tick all the boxes when it comes to OH&S and safety requirements for operation of heavy duty machinery.

Let’s chat today so you can hit the ground running with construction site clearing today!

Easement & Boundary Line Clearing

In addition to our range of easement management services, our team is able to offer specialized easement clearing and boundary line clearing services as well.

From eradicating weeds and pest plants to reducing the risk of erosion, our methods and machines are able to help in situations where few other providers in our area can.

We can also handle clearing areas with difficult, sloped or even wet terrain.
Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help on your land clearing project!

Contact us for all your land clearing needs throughout Greater Brisbane!

At Total Environmental Concepts, we have over 40 years of environmental services & structural landscape experience.

Our expert environmental contractors have worked on a number of land clearing projects for private and government departments.

Get in touch today to discuss any land clearing requirements or view our Capability Statement here.

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