Track and Fire Trail Construction Brisbane and Gold Coast

We have all the skills and tools you need to bring any track or trail design to life in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Northern NSW. Our team includes track and trail construction specialists with over 40 years of experience and knowledge of Australian standards and safety codes.

We can manage fire trail design construction and maintenance, firebreak construction through to BMX track building. We also provide track clearing services.

Constructing tracks may first need Vegetation Management or a Forestry Mulcher to clear for construction or for maintenance of tracks.


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Queensland Parks & Wildlife rehabilitation

We can provide fire trail construction services for fire management purposes in Queensland and NSW.

National Parks
Fire Trail & Vehicle Access Roads
Bike & BMX Tracks

Recreational & Bushwalking Trail Construction

Bushwalking tracks and trails are a fantastic way for park visitors to experience the natural environment and soak in the sights and sounds of local flora and fauna. Dedicated and safe tracks and trails allow for access to the general public.

Our expert construction team create bushwalking tracks and recreation trails for a wide range of State Government and council properties across Queensland and Northern NSW. We work to construct new tracks, consolidate existing networks and maintain track assets as required.

The types of recreational and bushwalking tracks we construct and maintain include:

  • Natural earth trails
  • Walking tracks with road base
  • Multi-user graded tracks
  • Asset management services
  • Maintenance & upgrades

We use a broad range of heavy machinery and highly skilled operators to create bushwalking tracks in isolated and difficult to reach areas, with minimum disturbance to the natural surrounding areas.

Risk prevention and easy access through bushland or protected areas

No matter the scope of your project – whether you need a vehicle access road, fire trail design construction, or maintenance Total Environmental Concepts has the experience to create a fire trail road that will last for years to come. we can create trails with road base, rock, compacted natural earth, or decomposed granite.

A fire trail is built for the specific purpose of access for fire management purposes, such as controlling bushfires in Australia. A fire trail can also help build containment lines and assist with backburning operations on a property or within National Park areas across QLD and NSW. This supports the dedicated members of the Rural Fire Services.

Large vehicle access fire trails are important infrastructure that requires ongoing maintenance and upgrades, especially in terms of providing access to remote areas on the property that are usually challenging to access. Fire trails will typically require slashing several times a year using a tractor with a 4 in 1 bucket in order to ensure their effectiveness.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in access trail and road design, construction, maintenance. We can provide complete infrastructure support on government, council, commercial and residential properties.

Fire management & access trails

It’s important that landowners take active steps toward minimising the potential damage and losses of their properties as a result of bushfires.

Some recent town planning trends have included nature reserves, park lands and wildlife corridors amongst new developments. Bushfires are a bigger risk to these developments as a result despite the other environmental benefits provided.

Our team are experts in constructing and maintaining areas that are designed to reduce the risk bushfires pose, including:

  • Firebreaks
  • Fuel reduced zones
  • Fire Access Trails
  • Pedestrian/ Fire Tracks

Our use of specialized equipment lets us create low impact fire safety assets with minimal harm to the environment. We are able to leave the surface of firebreaks even, free from organic matter and vegetation and resistant to erosion from water and wind.

Bushfires are a risk property owners can’t afford to take. Contact us to construct a firebreak to help you minimise that risk.

We are highly skilled and experienced in fire trail design, construction and maintenance and provide full infrastructure support on government, council, commercial and residential properties.

Mountain Bike, BMX & Pump Track Construction

Bring your mountain bike, BMX or pump track design to life with our specialist skills and equipment!

We can build and maintain a range of mountain bike trails and BMX tracks suitable for all levels of ability and fitness. These can be built in accordance with your specifications and International Mountain Biking/ BMX Association standards if required and can include any array of features that you may require.

We have extensive knowledge of:

  • access track design;
  • the need to minimise and disrupt surface water flow;
  • how to ensure water is directed off the track without causing downstream erosion events;
  • and how to ensure that what we build will last!

Combined with our highly experienced machinery operators, we also have the equipment and knowledge to bring your mountain bike trail or BMX track designs to life safely, cost-effectively and with minimal disturbances to the surrounding natural environment.

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Advantages of Using Our Track & Trail Construction Experts

We can create tracks and trails from a range of materials with our specialised equipment. We have:

  • Excavators
  • Tipper trucks
  • Tracked Bobcat skid steer loaders
  • 1800mm vibrating smooth drum roller bobcat attachment
  • Plus so many more state of the art machines

All machinery is controlled by certified and highly experienced operators who have knowledge of building tracks and trails in environmentally sensitive areas. With over 38 years of experience in the industry, we’re contractors you can trust when it comes to skill, expertise and safety.

Tracks for Councils, Commercial Developments and Residential Properties

At Total Environmental Concepts, our team of track and trail construction specialists conform to National Park standards (AS 2156-2001) and all safety codes in Australia.

We work to create tracks and trails on:


Local council and State Government sites


National parks & bushland


Large acreage properties


Commercial developments


Residential properties


Properties near waterways & wetland systems

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Work with our track and trail construction experts

To work with our trail and track construction experts on any commercial projects in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Northern NSW, contact us today!

Recent Track Projects

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