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Total Environmental Concepts provide professional vegetation management and clearing services across Brisbane, Gold Coast and South East QLD.

We can provide advice and assistance in establishing if an area is exempt or requires a permit to clear native vegetation with the Queensland and Australian Government departments. This process may also include verification of Koala habitat protections in the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

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Vegetation Management and Clearing Services

This service includes the following processes and equipment:

  • Brush Cut. 
  • Chainsaw and fall trees. 
  • Stump grind tree stumps. 
  • Mow with commercial-sized mowers. 
  • Slashers or Flail mowers on a Tractor, Bobcat, or 6-tonne excavator
  • Bobcat with stick rake to push woody weeds and vegetation into piles.
  • Bobcat or excavator to fall trees and pile up. 
  • Forestry mulcher on Bobcat or Excavator for all woody weeds and trees up to 250 mm Dia (does not leaves piles to fuel fires, mulches into fine mulch which breaks down) 
  • ACDC Commercial Operators licenced
  • Spray ute to manage weed control.
  • Slash lantana & Woody weeds. 

What is Vegetation Management?

The purpose of Vegetation Management is to provide management solutions for vegetation for conservation purposes.

The process involves clearing to maintain and reduce environmental impacts including erosion control and its impacts on water quality. All work is completed in line with ecological restoration in accordance with Government guidelines. This includes ecosystem management across fauna, wildlife habitat and restoration of areas.

Clearing will remove unwanted and invasive vegetation such as weeds. This will also help control pests from an area including rodents, birds and mosquitoes. This reduces the likelihood of pests entering neighbouring properties and harming people. This process will also assist in fire management plans, property safety and powerlines.

We provide these services for QPWS ( Department of Environmental Sciences), Local Councils and Property Developers.

Process of Vegetation Management

The process of undertaking vegetation management workflow includes the following:

A site assessment – we will inspect the site to assess the condition of the area and what needs to be completed. We assess the vegetation, weeds, drainage, erosion, environmental constraints, contamination, pests, waterways.

Legislative and policy requirements – we outline the VMP under local, state and federal Government legislation. This will establish what can be done, how it will be done and the work reported to the Government departments.

Objectives of the VMP – we will outline any issues present on the site and the objectives of completing the vegetation management work. Issues to manage may include loss of native vegetation, endangering wildlife habitat, erosion and fragmentation of vegetation corridors.

Objectives will be to improve the vegetation of the area, stop erosion, retain native vegetation and wildlife habitats, encourage conservation and new growth, remove toxic weeds and pests.

Action Plan –  the work action plan will cover:

  • Site Preparation.
  • Site management.
  • Weed management.
  • Stormwater, wastewater and hydrological function.

The overall VMP strategy will be clearly outlined and documented including:

  • The extent of modifications in line with the bushfire management plan.
  • Specifications required to protect local bushland by retaining elements.
  • Nature and habitat features to be retained.
  • Species targeted for removal where appropriate.
  • Fuel reduction frequency, access management and any limitations notified.
  • Vegetation waste management, reuse or disposal, stumps, logs.
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