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Are you looking for commercial & council weed control services on large properties or commercial projects? At Total Environmental Concepts, we offer commercial weed control, lawn pest control and turf management services for developers, environmental rehabilitation specialists, councils and large acreage property owners.

Our approach to weed control and management is complete and thorough. We have an efficient herbicide application along with specialised equipment that allow us to get right to the root. As such, we provide weed control and lantana removal services that are second to none around Brisbane, even extending out to the suburbs of Logan.

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For any commercial projects requiring weed control, removal or prevention, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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Keep your property maintained through all seasons

As a developer, you may find you’ll need to hire professional services to keep your block stock maintained to please potential investors.

In addition to our commercial mowing service, we offer weed control services of block stock to maintain your blocks until they’re sold. We’ll make sure the grass is maintained and weeds are eliminated so that your blocks look their very best to potential investors. Chat to our team about the safety measures we have in place to work on commercial and industrial projects like yours.

Effective solutions, minimum environmental impact

If you’re working on an environmental rehabilitation project and are looking for sustainable weed removal solutions, we’re here to help. Invasive grass removal and other noxious weed removal is necessary to maintain ecological sustainability of natural habitats and re-vegetation projects.

Not only do we have highly trained staff and state of the art equipment, we care about offering solutions that maintain ecological balance and allow native flora and fauna to thrive. We minimise spray drift while still targeting problem weeds.

We understand chemicals and choose the most desirable herbicide that achieves the best result with minimum risk to the environment, client and applicator at the lowest cost.

Meet OH&S and safety requirements on public grounds

Noxious weeds are often present on public grounds, sports fields, national parks and other council owned property. We can help implement weed control plans across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW that are sustainable and get to the root of the problem.

Not only are we fully qualified and insured environmental consultants, we also operate a fleet of state of the art equipment that very few other providers offer in our region. We have ACDC and COL operators on our team who have vast experience working on local government and council projects & who operate under our safety framework, ensuring OH&S standards are maintained.

For more information, download our Capability Statement.

Save yourself the headache, easy property maintenance

Lantana is a problematic weed in our areas, especially around Logan, Beaudesert, Scenic Rim, Jimboomba and on acreage properties south of Brisbane. It is especially problematic for you if you own horses.

For effective weed control at a large scale, you’ll need access to specialized equipment. Our team has equipment and attachments suitable for large acreage properties to assist with optimal weed control and lantana removal.

If your property has sections with sloped land or difficult terrain, we can also handle that! Our equipment is much more efficient than a tractor and can handle difficult terrains with ease.

Prevent the Spread of Weeds

When it comes to effectively controlling weeds and invasive plant species your control solutions should include a variety of weed spraying, mechanical and manual strategies. Our team offers the best in all three to tackle even the toughest species like lantana, various broadleaf weeds, cactus, creepers, grass, woody weeds and other species.

Our weed control techniques are varied, depending on the situation, and can include:

  • Boom spraying, which targets lawn grub and other pest control
  • Remote quick spray units that target weed control
  • Disease control
  • Organic – no herbicide or herbicide reduced solutions to sports fields and park management
  • Soil amendment and fertiliser applications, liquid and granular
  • Slashing and clearing services

Clearing weeds from your property will assist to promote the regeneration of native plant species and work towards lessening the impact on local wildlife. Noxious weeds, in particular, can be dangerous to crops, natural habitats and ecosystems, humans and animals. So it’s important to make sure the removal of weeds on large and commercial properties is carried out by experienced professionals.

Slashing for Weed Control

In combination with a potent herbicide application, slashing is one of the key methods of weed control. Regular slashing of affected areas will reduce some types of weeds from spreading.

However, effective slashing of large properties or bushland requires specialist equipment that can handle difficult terrain, steep slopes and areas around creeks. We’ve got state of the art equipment that can handle that and more!

Advantages of Using Our Team for Weed Control

At Total Environmental Concepts, we care about quality. That’s why we invest in state of the art equipment and the latest training available for our team.

When it comes to weed spraying, prevention and other weed control on your property, we apply our very best to ensure a sustainable solution. Aside from our herbicide application, we bring a range of equipment and specialized attachments that are suitable for all applications of weed management.

Our range of equipment includes:

  • Excavators with flail mower attachments
  • T590 tracked bobcat
  • T770 tracked bobcat equipped with a ground shark heavy duty mulching slasher
  • 4WD tractor with rear side shift flail mower and front stick rake
  • Kubota 4WD 6 ft. front deck mower
  • Remote quick spray unit
  • Turf spray unit fitted with a boom spray

These attachments coupled with highly skilled operators help to provide an all-encompassing maintenance service for landscape and environmental based industries.

Our Licenses & Permits

We are fully licensed in the use of chemicals and machinery as required by state and federal legislation. We also upkeep routine testing and training to maintain our knowledge of pest and native plant identification.

Our plant control methods are focused on best practices and we always ensure the highest level of safety on all projects. Our operators are equipped with Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (ACDC) and Commercial Operators Licenses (COL).

Contact our team for any commercial weed control projects in Brisbane today!

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