Environmental Rehabilitation Brisbane and Gold Coast

Offering Expert Environmental Services

At Total Environmental Concepts, we strive to be among the top environmental companies Brisbane & Gold Coast commercial projects benefit from. Councils, government departments, landscapers, landscape architects and other environmental service providers choose to work with us for a reason.

With over 40 years of experience, a fleet of state of the art equipment and highly trained staff, it’s no surprise why we are a top choice for Bushland, Wetland and Easement Management.


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Brisbane Environmental Rehabilitation Services

Bushland Management
Wetland Management
Easement Management

Bushland Maintenance & Construction Services Brisbane & Gold Coast

We are dedicated to offering professional and reliable bushland maintenance services. We offer bushland constructing, maintaining and clearing services on State Government, council, grazing properties, developments and bushland reserves.

Our experienced team and state of the art equipment allow us to provide extensive bushland maintenance services across Brisbane, Gold Coast & Northern NSW including:

  • Sediment bioretention basin construction & clean outs
  • Pipeline easements
  • Road reserves
  • Commercial and residential developments
  • Rehabilitation of mine sites
  • Sensitive ecological restoration works and earthworks
  • Nature refuge and offset property maintenance
  • Major ecological corridors
  • Clearing unwanted vegetation
  • Clean out culverts and drains
  • Relocation of Australian native plants & trees
  • Creek bank stabilisation
  • Soil health and stability improvements
  • Construct and maintain fire breaks and access lines
  • Remove and/or rectify sediment deposition
  • Construct fauna habitat and connectivity
  • General grass control within open spaces area
  • Detailed erosion and sediment control works
  • Subsidence rectification programs
  • Clear trails, boundaries and service access
  • Routine easement and land management

Wetland Construction & Management Services Brisbane & Gold Coast

We are dedicated to offering professional wetland construction services to State Government, councils, environmental service providers and landscapers across Queensland and NSW.


The artificial wetlands we construct are water retention areas designed to achieve one or more objectives:

  • Control stormwater including the reduction of peak flows and removal of nitrogen, suspended solids and heavy metals
  • Surface water management
  • Floodplain enhancement
  • Habitat creation for both native & migratory wildlife
  • Enhancing the environment of the Wallum frog

Our environmental company has both the necessary equipment and skills to construct wetlands for the above purposes. The wetlands we create are specific to local conditions and take into account the pre-existing habitat.

Easement Management across Brisbane & Gold Coast

Our team of operators have the experience and heavy machinery to perform complete easement management for your commercial and residential developments across Queensland and Northern NSW.


We offer an array of easement management services including:

  • Ongoing maintenance of easements in commercial and residential areas
  • Eradicating pest plants on development sites and properties
  • Sensitive natural ecological restoration works
  • Native planting in easements and open spaces
  • Seeding and mulching
  • Grass control
  • Erosion and sediment control works
  • General clearing
  • Stick raking
  • General land management services

If you require construction or maintenance services for bushland, wetland or easements, chat with our friendly team today!

Why work with Total Environmental Concepts?

We have over 40 years of experience in general civils & earthworks, predominantly in the landscaping and environmental industries. Over the years we have worked with environmental service providers, landscapers, council and local and state governments.

Our experience, combined with our fleet of high-quality machinery, makes us one of the top environmental companies in the area. Our state of the art earthmoving equipment and specialized attachments allow us to offer services that other environmental companies Brisbane & Gold Coast can’t offer.

As such, we can supply the following environmental services and equipment:

  • Tipper hire
  • Bulk mulching
  • Screed & levelling
  • Turf & garden preparation
  • Street tree and feature tree holes or installation
  • Post hole boring with excavator or bobcat
  • Deep rip
  • Rotary hoe services
  • Excavation
  • Rock wall construction


We focus on best practice in earthworks and excavation while offering the best our environmental company possibly can for clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW.


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