Flail Mowing Contractors & Flail Mower Hire

We operate a variety of highly specialised flail mower attachments in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. A bobcat, tractor or excavator can be equipped with our flail mower attachments and these are available for hire with our professional drivers for all types of commercial environmental projects.

Benefits of Using a Flail Mower

Compared to a slasher, flail mowers are the preferred choice for many projects because of the safety they provide. With our flail mower attachments for a bobcat, tractor or excavator we are able to complete jobs effectively and in a safe manner.

When a flail attachment is added to a tracked machine, we can use the mower for projects requiring mowing on steep slopes or other difficult terrains.


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Variety of Applications
Meet Council Safety Requirements
Improve Pasture for your Acreage Property or horse farm

A bobcat with the flail attachment is suitable for mowing on steep ground as well as flat ground. We also have a tracked bobcat which is suitable for more difficult terrain such as narrow access, steep inclines or wet terrain.

A tractor with a flail attachment is well suited to mow large paddocks, fields and acreage properties. The advantage of using a flail mower rather than a slasher is that a flail machine mulches as it mows and can help improve the pasture.

An excavator with a flail attachment is best suited for working along creek edges, embankments, drains and other difficult areas.

The bobcat and excavator can also be used to cut grass, lantana or trees up to 100mm whereas the tractor is best suited for grass and light shrubs.

For projects involving Main Roads, QLD Rail or other council work, a flail mower is the way to go. Councils prefer the use of flail mowers over slashers due to the safety aspects offered.

Our flail mower meets the ISO world standards of safety for thrown objects. Unlike a slasher, which requires 100m of clear zone, a flail mower requires only 20m making it suitable for properties with space limitations or proximity to public areas.

Contact us today if you have a mowing project that might need the use of a flail mower.

Did you know that the way your farm is mowed can make a difference in the quality of its pasture?

By mowing with a flail mower, you can automatically improve pasture for your horses or other livestock.

Added benefits of using a flail mower for commercial and acreage mowing are:

  • No windrows left behind
  • Clears grass and also mulches as it goes
  • Keeps debris contained

Our flail mower also fits on a tracked Bobcat which allows us to mow on difficult terrain or steep slopes. Not only can we access the hard to reach areas of your acreage, but we can also take care of improving pasture in those areas in one go!

Contact us if you would like to improve pasture on your property today.

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Importance of using an experienced driver

When working with dangerous or expensive equipment, experience matters.

Our team are able to complete specialised environmental projects that most providers in our industry can’t because of the equipment we use and our years of experience.

Our experience in being able to accurately read the ground combined with our years of operating earthmoving equipment means we can make the safest decisions about how to use the machines and get the job done.

If you have a project that needs a flail mowing contractor, get in touch with us today!

For any environmental projects requiring a flail mower, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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