Tree Spade Hire Brisbane & Gold Coast

Enjoy fast and efficient tree transplanting with our tree spade attachment. As a specialized bobcat attachment, the tree spade offers versatility on projects requiring transplanting that few other operators can offer in our region.

Contact us if you are looking for tree spade hire in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Logan and surrounds.

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A Better Tree Transplanting Solution for Developers

If you’re looking to develop on land that has native vegetation or requires you to meet other environmental obligations, we can help.

Our tree spade attachment can help you meet your obligations by protecting native vegetation and ensuring its survival after transplantation. We can swiftly and safely extract large volumes of trees and plants from a development site and transplant them elsewhere.

Our tree spade attachment is equipped to fit onto both our T770 Bobcat machines. Our tracked Bobcat allows us to transplant trees and native plants located in difficult areas.

We can extract plants located in wet or difficult terrain far more efficiently when combining our tree spade attachment with our tracked machines.

Chat with our expert environmental contractors today for more information on how we can assist you meet your environmental obligations.


Successful Transplanting of Sensitive Trees

The biggest issue developers, landscapers and councils are faced with when it comes to tree relocation & transplantation comes down to the root ball. Tree transplanting across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and surrounding areas also comes with challenges related to sensitive native trees.

A tree spade can assist in both instances.

The root ball consists of a tree’s cluster of roots and the soil compacted around it. It is quite common that during relocation, the root ball falls apart. When transplanting sensitive trees or native trees, this is the biggest factor influencing the tree’s ability to survive in its new location.

To ensure transplantation is successful, the team performing the service must make sure that every air space between the root ball and the hole the tree will be placed into is filled if the tree is to survive.

Thankfully, our experts can help you overcome all these issues by using the tree spade attachment. The tree spade allows us to create an identical hole in both locations allowing the root ball to fit precisely into its new location.

Additionally, the root ball will remain in tact and compact during the transportation from one location to the next, ensuring sensitive species survive after transplantation.

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Work with our Skilled Operators Today!

If you are in need of a skilled team to assist with all your transplanting needs, chat with our experts today. Along with tree spade hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds, we can assist with ensuring all your environmental obligations are met during the process.


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