Solar Farm Offset Revegetation Brisbane

If you are involved in a solar farm project in Brisbane and wider Queensland, we can help you navigate your offset revegetation obligation, by helping you locate offset land, manage negotiations, and arrange planting and after care at the site.

We work with managers of commercial projects as well as local council and large-scale development project managers.

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Why is offset revegetation needed?

Offset revegetation is needed to offset carbon produced during the construction of a solar farm, due to the removal of trees, shrubs and other plants. An offset means planting vegetation at a different site, to compensate for the loss in biodiversity when native vegetation is removed due to a solar farm, or other construction project. To make sure this is done correctly, we bring in ecologists to provide specialised reports.

There are two types of offsets:

  • A species offset – required when the removal of native vegetation has a significant impact on habitat for a rare or threatened species.
  • A general offset – required when the removal of native vegetation does NOT have a significant impact on habitat for rare or threatened species.

When your solar farm project involves removing native trees, shrubs or other vegetation, you will usually need to arrange offset revegetation in another area, as part of the condition of your permit.

Trees are planted in areas previously used for mining, farming or construction – or to extend a nature conservation area.

We can work with you to streamline the offset revegetation process, so you can focus on your project goals.

What types of offset revegetation are there?

To fulfill the needs of your offset vegetation obligation, as part of your project permit, you can choose a first party or a third-party site. What is the difference?

  • First party offset site – land owned by the permit holder

Owners must meet eligibility requirements. Contact us to discuss.

  • Third party offset site – land owned by another party.

Permit holders can buy native vegetation credits from other landowners to meet their offset requirements.

Whether you choose a first party or third-party site for your offset revegetation, we can help you to manage the process.

How do we manage offset revegetation for your solar farm project?

We have specialised machinery to undertake all offset revegetation projects, while adhering to WHS standards and without risk to the public. We also use a variety of plants, as per project needs, while adhering to efficient field practices.

We can identify and negotiate suitable offset sites on your behalf and liaise with Project Managers or landholders from sourcing land and planning until job completion.

This involves:

  • Sourcing an offsite site, or helping you manage a first party site
  • Planning and paperwork – including assistance with permits and contracts
  • Management of stakeholders involved in your offset site
  • On the ground revegetation work
  • Site monitoring
  • Compliance reporting

What happens after the offset revegetation process?

After planting, we maintain your site, by watering, weed control, slashing, and attending to plant health, until it is ready to hand over. This can include firebreak installation and access tracks for future management.

Why Total Environmental Concepts?

We are a team of environmental consultants, operating between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We specialise in creating and maintaining bio-basins, creating fire tracks and trails (for bushfire safety) and stormwater management, among other services.

Established in 2014, Total Environmental Concepts is on a mission to bring innovation, inspiration and to relentlessly deliver the ultimate outcomes in environmental services for each client we work with.

Contact us or download our capability statement.

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