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If you need to clear large properties of commercial land, turn to Total Environmental Concepts. Our team provides commercial slashing services that include property and land clearing, commercial mowing, forestry mulching and commercial weed control.

No matter what project you need to complete, we can do it. We have experience working on jobs for councils, surveyors, developers, and civil contractors.

At Total Environmental Concepts, our approach to clearing and slashing is complete and thorough. We utilise various specialised equipment with the necessary attachments that allows us to work on difficult terrain or in hard-to-reach areas on your Gold Coast property.

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For any projects requiring commercial slashing contractors on the Gold Coast, get in touch with our team of experts today.

Slashing As A Method Of Weed Control

Slashing is one of the key methods of commercial weed control, in combination with a potent herbicide application. Regular slashing of affected areas will reduce some types of weeds from spreading.

Effective slashing and control of large properties and/or bushland requires the use of specialist equipment that can handle the terrain, steep slopes and areas around creeks. Our equipment has the capability of handling these situations.

 Not only do we offer slashing services for difficult terrains, but we can also upkeep regular mowing to ensure safety standards are met and weeds are kept at bay.

Due to Australia’s large snake population, unkempt grass poses a serious risk on public land. In particular, any area with long grass near a residence or that has frequent visitors can be of concern

This kind of grass is not always easy to manage, so councils choose us for top quality commercial slashing services to keep their local area safe. 

Our equipment is used with specialised attachments, meaning it’s easier, safer and more efficient for our team to slash ‘difficult’ terrains such as areas near creek beds, sloped land and more.

For more information, contact us or view our Capability Statement.

To ensure you meet your safety obligations and OH&S requirements, you may need to engage slashing contractors to prepare the land you’ll be surveying. Our team are land clearing experts and we’re confident we can help you meet your obligations.

We take care of pre-survey slashing of grass to ensure you can correctly assess line of sight and work to your best capacity. Pre-survey slashing will also ensure you can access all areas of the site safely while managing risks and hidden dangers, like snakes.

Before you can begin civil works on an area of land, you may need to engage the services of a slashing contractor to ensure you can safely access all areas of the property.

For any large or small civil works involving slashing, we are the go-to team on the Gold Coast. Our range of specialist equipment can handle difficult terrains allowing us to offer the most efficient slashing services around.

Impress potential investors by showing them your land in its best light. Unsightly areas of overgrown grass could lower the perceived value of your property, and ruin those all-important first impressions.

Not only is unkempt grass unsightly, but it is also likely to breach safety notices and OH&S requirements if left unattended for too long. Let our team take care of the hassle for you. We can ensure you’ll remain compliant and avoid receiving council notices on your land.

Firebreak Contractors Gold Coast

We are established and respected firebreak contractors on the Gold Coast. We regularly construct, upgrade and maintain firebreaks to ensure that the Australian fire season doesn’t cause too much damage,and are proud to be the leading providers of this service across Queensland and Northern NSW.

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Fire hazard prevention and fuel reduction
Dense, heavy grass clean-ups
Removal of woody weeds including Lantana, Privet, Boxthorn, and Blackberry infestations
Pre-clear undergrowth for environmental assessment studies
Roadside vegetation clean up
Land clearing preparation
Regrowth scrub
Firebreaks and slashing for parks
Small to large broad acreage block cleanups
Regular council slashing works
Slashing on acreage allotments
Plus more

Our Slashing Equipment

Our heavy machinery complies with all OH&S requirements and we’re able to offer slashing services for managing scrub, regrowth and overgrown paddocks as required. We also have a selection of lantana removal equipment to assist with weed control.

Our equipment is state of the art and allows our team to efficiently get the job done in difficult to access and steep access areas.

In addition to our specialized lantana removal equipment, our range of machinery includes:

  • Two tracked Bobcat Skid Steers with a stick.
  • Two specialised mulching slasher attachments.
  • One 4WD tractor with flail rear side.
  • One shift slasher (flail mower) with a stick rake attached at the front.
  • One 4WD front 6ft Deck Mower and commercial whipper snippers.

We also have a 5.5 tonne excavator with a 900mm specialised mulching slasher attachment and flail mower attachment that can, combined with our experienced operators, clear vegetative matter on steep slopes, creek banks, and drainage areas.

This specialized equipment allows us to access steep and difficult areas, work on sites during inclement weather and offer unparalleled efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

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