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Total Environmental Concepts are trusted specialists in tree relocation in Logan. We work closely with developers, councils and landscapers to carefully and skilfully relocate native Australian trees, as well as plants, palms and more, for large commercial projects.

Tree removal is a highly delicate process and requires a specialised team of experts to minimise the risk of damage and ensure a safe transition with as little disruption to the tree as possible. Our tree experts have over 40 years’ experience in transplanting trees of any shape, age or size to their new location and are able to take on any project, big or small.

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How Do We Safely Relocate Trees for Commercial Works?

We perform safe and efficient tree relocation operations using the most reliable and modern transplantation methods available. To ensure a smooth and secure operation, you need the right equipment. We’ve got an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art machines and attachments that help us to deliver the outstanding results our customers have come to expect from us.

Our impressive Bobcat tree spade attachment measures 44 inches and is able to relocate trees with a trunk diameter up to 90mm. We’re able to expertly remove trees that are located closely together as well as complete complex projects much faster and more cost-effectively.

We’ve worked regularly with councils across South East QLD and Northern NSW to relocate native trees for government projects. This has included rescuing endangered native Australian trees and replanting them where they’ll thrive in a new environment.

We also work with developers to dig up and replant large ornamental trees for commercial projects. Our tree relocation services can be used as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to tree removal if the land you are developing happens to have fully-grown trees located in a building zone.

If you’re a landscaping company, our contractors can work with you to re-establish both feature and ornamental trees for your project. We can help you to ensure a safe transition for endangered native plants and trees and relocate them to an environment where they’ll grow and flourish.

We’re able to relocate a variety of native trees and plants, including palms, Grass Trees, QLD Bottle Trees, Cycads, Livistona Palms and ornamental trees.

Why Do Clients Count on Us for Tree Relocation in Logan?

  • Our tree experts have 40 years of experience in providing tree relocation services and unparalleled knowledge of the environmental industry
  • We offer customised solutions and professional advice on all aspects of tree relocation procedures, suitability, use of equipment and tree care and maintenance
  • We employ the latest and safest transplantation methods available to ensure a successful transition
  • We use highly advanced, specialised equipment and attachments to dig, transport and re-establish trees in a new environment
  • We follow all OH&S procedures to ensure a safe and smooth operation from start to finish
  • We relocate a diverse range of native and endangered tree species, from big to small, and of all ages
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Trust our Experts with All of Your Tree Relocation Services

For the most reliable tree relocation in Logan, put your trees in the hands of our team of tree specialists and let us handle the entire process. Give us a call today to discuss your project needs or download our capability statement for more information.

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