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Total Environmental Services offers a range of revegetation and erosion control services plus consultations on all types of erosion control solutions. We can assist with installation, consultation, plant identification and environmental compliance among other tasks.

With over 38 years of experience in the industry, we offer a service that’s tough to beat across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Our consultants offer their quality of service on all erosion control and environmental rehabilitation projects for Environmental Service Providers, Landscapers, Councils & Local Government, Property Developers, and more…

For any commercial projects requiring erosion control, sedimentation control, or land and environmental rehabilitation, get in touch with our team of experts today!


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We provide erosion control solutions throughout Queensland and NSW.

Environmental Service Providers
Council & Local Government
Property Developers

Erosion Control & Land Rehabilitation Services

Erosion and sedimentation control are becoming ever more important considerations across environmental projects. Environmental service providers are faced with obligations to maintain the condition of the land through environmental rehabilitation measures.

Not only are you faced with compliance of legislation, the task of caring for the environment, waterways and the elements surrounding large earthworks can be difficult without access to specialist knowledge and equipment.

That’s where Total Environmental Concepts can help. We’re experts in our field with over 38 years of experience. We also have a large range of equipment that can assist on commercial projects.

From environmental compliance consultation to implementation, we can help. With our state of the art equipment and years of experience behind us, we offer clients the best in erosion control through soil profiling and land analysis with ultimate cost effectiveness.

For more information about how we can help, download our or contact us today.

Meet erosion control standards on your landscaping project

The needs of landscaping projects vary from location to location. Erosion control is a major factor that needs to be assessed at each location before work can begin.

While your team is likely able to implement some erosion control methods, like increasing vegetation, there may be other solutions needed on the project that you’ll need specialist equipment to complete.

That’s where Total Environmental Concepts can help. We have a range of equipment that can be hard to come by for working on commercial projects. Our equipment can reach areas that are hard to access and can also handle steeper slopes and difficult terrain.

For more information about how we can help, download our Capability Statement or contact us today.

Maintain Council land & meet erosion control standards in City Plans

Maintaining erosion control standards across development projects on council or government owned properties can be a big task. Our team are fully qualified to carry out implementation and maintenance of:

Erosion control;
Sedimentation control;
And sustainable land clearing & forestry mulching measures.

We can also assist in implementing standards outlined in city development plans by ensuring council standards are met on projects that disrupt the land or nearby environment. For more information, download our Capability Statement or contact us today.

Meet council regulations and avoid contaminating our waterways

Construction, building and development sites are a major concern when it comes to the stormwater management, pollution of our waterways and land protection from erosion. These sites are a major source of stormwater pollution and can be the cause of environmental problems both in the short and long term.

We can help you meet your obligation to your local council. Brisbane City Council, for example, requires property developers to abide by the Planning Act 2016. The development conditions outlined in the act require you to meet erosion and sediment control measures.

Our expert team can assist with the implementation and maintenance of these measures on site. We’ll ensure your construction zone passes any council inspections targeting water pollution and erosion or sediment control so that you don’t receive any hefty fines.

Contact us today for more information.

Why is erosion control necessary?

Revegetation and Erosion control is an essential strategy for the protection of our land and environmental sustainability. It helps us use land to its full capability while also protecting soil surface and controlling runoff before it becomes a force of erosion.

We have over 38 years of experience working with the following partners on commercial projects. We offer driver-operated hire of our tracked tippers, bobcat and excavator equipment. If you have a similar project, reach out to our friendly team to find out how we can help.

Erosion Control Solutions

Rock-lined swale drains

A rock-lined swale drain is a shallow ditch that is used to fight erosion and carry off water. Swales work to redirect poor drainage issues and prevent soil erosion in gullies and trenches.

A rock-lined swale drain is a shallow ditch that is used to fight erosion and carry off water. Swales work to redirect poor drainage issues and prevent soil erosion in gullies and trenches.

Jute Mesh Batters

Constructed with an open weave, Jute Mesh is used on embankments and batters that have existing vegetation for short-term erosion protection. The product is biodegradable and helps to retain moisture and allow for vegetation growth.

Whoa-Boys / Water Bars

Whoa-boys are often called water bars, (sometimes called check, cross or roll over banks) and are installed as trafficable diversion banks. The control method is constructed to divert water off tracks without causing erosion, allowing vehicles or individuals to cross over them.


These erosion control methods are a tunnel carrying an open drain under either a road or railway. The structure allows water to flow under the obstruction from one side to another. The culvert can be made from pipe, reinforced concrete or other material.

Coir Logs

These natural erosion barriers are biodegradable and are created for a range of areas including riverbanks and along drainage lines. The coir or coconut fibre is enclosed in mesh and simply laid along the area that needs to be protected from erosion.

Bioretention Basins

Bioretention basins are vegetated areas where runoff is filtered through a filter media layer (eg. sandy loam) as it percolates downwards. It is then collected via perforated under-drains filtering contaminants prior to entering downstream waterways or to store for reuse.

Rock Filter Dams

Rock filter dams effectively control silt and sedimentation in channels and high flow water areas. The stone embankment is designed to capture sediment in natural environments and helps to capture coarse particles of sediment.


A spillway is a passage created to help channel surplus water from a dam. The spillway releases floodwater and assists to manage overflow without damaging the dam. The waters are released under control and into a downstream area safely.

Rock Retaining Walls

While an attractive addition to the property, rock retaining walls are designed to support land that has been levelled and prevent soil erosion. The engineered walls help to resist landslides and are used in development sites to provide support for vertical grade changes.

Batter Stabilisation

This erosion technique allows for the construction of a receding slope of wall or earthwork. Batter means to build the slope of a wall that recedes gradually backwards and upwards and this erosion technique helps to protect the property and land from erosion.

Gabion Baskets

These cages of mesh are made from steel wire mesh and are laced together and filled with rocks to provide a cost-effective solution to river works, soil stabilisation and flood protection. The baskets are popular with landscaping and property owners and are also used regularly for civil works.

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Looking for erosion control services?

We offer our clients tailored solutions for erosion and sedimentation control services. Contact us if you have a commercial project we can assist with across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Northern NSW.


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